Is Your Vinyl Meeting Green Guard Gold Standards?

September 2, 2022.

It is well-known that plastics are harmful to the environment. The manufacturing process for PVC uses toxins and plasticizers, which harm our health and the environment. The production and disposal of PVC release several chemical by-products, such as dioxins, that can enter the atmosphere, groundwater, or soil. Dioxins can cause severe health damage as they are highly toxic and are the most dangerous manufactured carcinogen.

PVC-free vinyl and wallpaper are trying to solve this problem. PVC-free vinyl does not emit toxins and harmful chemicals as standard vinyl does and meets health standards according to Green Guard Gold Standards – making it perfect for sensitive areas with children, the elderly and healthcare. It is safer than PVC vinyl for manufacturers, installers, users and the environment.

Our factory in Billund has over 40 years of expertise with vinyl and environmental graphics.

Our commitment is to make our assortment more sustainable and safer for our customers, and we currently offer a growing selection of PVC-free vinyl and wallpapers.

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