Daniela Restrepo
Medellin, Colombia


Did you go to university for anything to do with design?

Yes, it did. I did my bachelor’s degree in Product Design Engineering. I also pursued and received a specialization degree in Design Management.

How did you hear about Modulex and being able to be an intern?

As part of my curriculum, I had to do at least a six-month-long internship, which could extend up to a year. I did my internship at Modulex Miami all of 2019. I could apply thanks to previous students from my university who had completed the internship at Modulex before me.

Do you feel the process to get to Billund, Denmark, was straightforward?

Yes, I didn’t feel like I had to go and look for information about it. I actually felt like Modulex really did their due diligence there, and I was more carried throughout the process. I also think it helped me be proactive and ask what I could do and what needed to be done. 

Something I found was very helpful for this process is that, at some point, we had to write down this whole internship plan and what I needed and wanted to get out of it. 

Is there anything that could have been done differently with the process?

No, everything was very smooth. I felt like it was a team trying to help me sort everything out, not that it was just left to me. I did ask questions and make sure I was a part of the process though.

Do you have recommendations on where Interns should live in?

Yes, a town called Vejle. There is one bus every hour from 5:00 AM to 12 midnight. From my house where I live, it’s about a 5-minute walk to the station, and then when I get here to build, it’s about a 15-minute walk from the station to the factory. 

It’s just a regular commute. If I lived in Billund, the commute would be easier and shorter, but again, there are some compromises I was willing to make to live in a bigger city with more social settings, with more opportunities to hang out, and admit people because those are things that are important to me and my personal development, different from work it. It’s just my personality – I love being surrounded by people, having friends around and entertaining in my house.