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Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Would you like to lead finance and operations for an international SME with growth ambition plans? In this role, you will balance finance, operations, and numerical data. You will also be in charge of culture, business development, and all the daily admin, process, and IT challenges that comply with a scale-up company.

You will lead the local DK accounting team, consolidate the international activities and use your business acumen to act as a key wingman for the CEO.

This is your opportunity to contribute to a growing international business where your efforts can directly impact Modulex’s success. As the Chief Financial and Operating Officer (CFOO), you play a pivotal role in shaping the organisation’s overall backbone, success and sustainability.

Skills in finance and business growth
Visual Communication Solutions
Modulex, a global company
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Unleash the potential of Modulex by adding your combined skills in finance and business growth.

”You can help to unleash the full potential of Modulex by adding all your business talent, international-oriented finance & accounting skills, and your skills in using the numbers to find growth potential. You will act as my wingman in many different aspects, and your results will create a direct impact, harvesting the joy of being part of a successful scale-up journey.”



Ketil Molbach Staalesen,

CEO, Modulex Group

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As a leading provider of architectural signage, Modulex is dedicated to delivering exceptional visual communication solutions. We pride ourselves on exceptional wayfinding and signage solutions that represent the best in design and production.

Our strength lies in the ability to offer end-to-end project management, working with clients from the initial planning, design, and production to installation – all managed in real-time on a cloud-based project management system.

In Modulex, we wake up daily thinking about how to make our clients’ lives easier.

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves-Lego Bricks-Home Image-Color- Our Story

Founded in 1963 by the LEGO group, Modulex has been in the signage and branding implementation business for 60 years – and yet we are still respected as one of the best in cross-border corporate wayfinding and local brand signage.

Based on only a small number of global entities, Modulex is still a true multinational group. With ten factories globally and being present in over 300 cities across 45 countries, Modulex has infinite reach and the ability to implement client projects on your timeline with ease and local presence.

Modulex has the capability of producing a diverse range of signage designs thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and multi-factory expertise across the world.

Focus Areas and Responsibilities

Your responsibilities span financial management, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making, ensuring the seamless integration of financial goals with day-to-day operations. This dual-role position requires a dynamic and forward-thinking leader who can balance the demands of fiscal responsibility and operational excellence.

In the financial part of this role, you will lead the Danish accounting team in Billund and ensure the continuing development of the company accounting, controlling procedures, finance operations and reporting. Your responsibility will include the full Modulex scope of international activities, including overseeing the local accounting and reporting for the six subsidiaries and four connected companies, interacting and receiving finance data from the country finance controllers and consolidating all international entities.

You will coach and provide stewardship for the local team in Billund. You will define the scope and set direction for the country controllers, and you head all daily accounting operations and accounting information systems, including financial reporting and auditor control. You oversee all aspects of the monthly financial closing process together with the team, and you coordinate and report on the monthly statements, balance, tax, financial flow, etc. You take responsibility (directly or via staff) for all cash management, investments, insurance, budgeting, and financial reporting, driving the company’s financial strategy and operation. In short, you will head the global finance setup and ensure the financial overview stays effective along with the continuing international growth.

In addition to your financial leadership, your operational business skills are needed as a wingman for the CEO to actively support growth and initiate culture, business and process improvements. You will define and participate in IT and system improvements and search for potential synergies in processes, projects or business development initiatives. Alongside market development and organizational growth, Modulex is constantly searching for global acquisition openings – and you will naturally be the key figure in the analysis and M&A process. As the CEO is not based in Denmark, you will also act as the group head for the Danish organization.

As the Modulex CFOO, you will have a day-to-day, ongoing impact on the company’s finance operations, helping to operate, analyze, strategize, and grow the financial position to a strategic and business-oriented focus. You will need to understand current accounting practices, processes and transactions and have insight and interest in capital flow, group/corporate structure, change process, international finance and IT/system optimization.

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