As a global leader in hospitality signage, we take pride in crafting memorable impressions for your guests. With decades of implementation experience behind us, we take care of the practical – enabling designers to create.

The Hospitality Industry is unique. It combines many individual requirements that ensure guests get the most out of their stay and staff to operate as efficiently as possible.
All the while, respecting diversity, safety and language considerations.

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Sign programs come in all sizes, from single orders to comprehensive sign programs. We provide a proven planning and project management service that brings together research, discussion and assessment to determine the critical path between kick-off and successful implementation.


We work to understand the necessary information requirements and their interaction within their environment through a programming exercise which identifies key decision points, confirms a family of communicative elements and applies layers of accessibility, safety and regulatory information. The process addresses on and off-site information, messaging, brand integration, budgets and schedules.


Great signage is a function of aesthetic and performance; a result achieved through a design process backed with dependable and sustainable products. Our design team consists of graphic and industrial designers, architectural technicians, wayfinding, signage and brand specialists.


We offer a range of pricing services to fit any need. Whether you require a simple estimate, timely quotation, guaranteed long-term product pricing or a multi-year capital allocation plan, we have a proven track record of providing competitive, predictable and sustainable budget solutions for our clients.


Our fabrication approach is building to scale. This method allows us to efficiently address the manufacturing requirements of the most complex signage programs. With five factories globally, we provide solutions for both high-volume, high-efficiency automated production and custom signs that work at any budget, size or level of complexity.


Site review, coordination with external contractors, installation, deficiency review, and close-out are all parts of the overall project plan. Project management staff ensures that the site conditions are ready for signage and coordinate site access. Once the installation is complete, we review, and any deficiencies are resolved.


From one custom sign to a thousand rigidly controlled sign products, we have the right product for any requirement.


Modulex hospitality has worked with the biggest brands around the world for over 45 years with outstanding results.


We have had many successful global and local brand rollouts and are happy to share any case studies with you. Your brand is so much more than a logo – it is the soul of your company. Given our roots, no one understands that better than us.