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From illuminated 3D letters and environmental graphics to ADA-compliant signage, we provide the best quality of the product you can find in the signage industry.

Our factory in Guangdong operates on an international level. We can deliver any requirement with the same efficiency as we would be in the same country or region; if you are interested, please reach out to us. 

We have engineered a range of products to facilitate effortless installation and minimise carbon emissions. These offerings encompass track signs, which elegantly display names and provide illumination throughout retail establishments by smoothly traversing along a designated track; magnetic signs, which activate their lighting functionality only when affixed, thereby conserving energy and simplifying installation; and solar signs, harnessing solar power to operate without any reliance on conventional electricity sources.


We have the expertise to process a diverse array of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, corten steel, hot-roll steel, and galvanized steel, to craft a wide spectrum of signage solutions such as channel letters, flag signs, monoliths, and bulb signs. Moreover, we offer a versatile range of surface finishes, which can be achieved through painting, powder-coating, electroplating, and other specialized processes, resulting in an array of captivating colours and textures.


Opting for pure acrylic signage is a good choice for smaller dimensions, imparting a soft and aesthetically pleasing lighting effect. Our patented technique ensures uniform and consistent illumination, setting us apart in this industry. Our portfolio includes a range of pure flat acrylic signs, available in front-lit, side-lit, halo-lit, and various combinations.

In addition to these options, our proficiency extends to crafting acrylic neon signs in 180°, 270°, and 360° configurations, an accomplishment that fills us and our clientele with pride due to the exceptional beauty these signs exhibit.


The flex neon signs resemble our acrylic offerings in 180°, 270°, and 360° configurations. However, it features a stroke crafted from flexible neon rope, offering a cost-effective alternative to acrylic materials. This makes it an optimal choice for retail establishments seeking to streamline expenses while preserving an engaging and captivating appearance to attract potential customers.

The flex neon sign is also the preferred solution for intermittent and temporary applications, such as events, parties, and other short-term installations.


We offer a comprehensive selection of aluminium extrusion profiles designed to facilitate the assembly of single or double-sided light boxes. These profiles empower sign manufacturers with the versatility to craft finished light boxes in varying depths and various colour options.


We manufacture light sheets for ultrathin light boxes and offer our customers light sheets and fully assembled lightboxes. In addition to signage, we provide various lighting accessories such as LED modules, edge-lighting components, LED strips, bulbs, COB technology, lattice bars, drivers, dimmers, and more.