Green Manufacturing

Sustainable practices have always been at the forefront of our production at Modulex. We are continuously striving to do better and be better. Our effort to be responsible to the environment, suppliers and employees have always been a part of our DNA.

We Care

In 2021, we received our Green Network diploma for the 10th time, awarded to ‘companies demonstrating corporate social responsibility within environment’.

As members of the network since 1998, we are required to set targets for continuous improvement which we have fulfilled successfully through the years, together with the requirements of Green Network. For further information, please visit

Our 2022 Environmental Report gives an account of our evolution and aims for the future. For more information please contact us at the bottom of this page.


Etronit is a material made of FSC® and PEFC® paper from Nordic forests infused in synthetic resin and put together under extreme pressure and heat, that combines environmental consciousness with high-end aesthetics.


Made of FSC® paper and polyester film, this material is standard UV-printable material. GreenBond has been developed as an alternative to aluminium composite (ACM) signs as its name indicates.


ReBond is made by using waste from the Danish carpet manufacturer Dansk Wilton’s Cradle to Cradle Certified carpet solution.

Green Cast®

Green Cast® is a new generation cast acrylic made from 100% recycled MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer).  


Compact is a high-pressure paper laminate manufactured from natural fibres and raw materials (recycled wood & cardboard), containing up to 60% biobased material.