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Sustainable practices have always been at the forefront of our production at Modulex. We are continuously striving to do better and be better. Our effort to be responsible to the environment, suppliers and employees have always been a part of our DNA.
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We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At Modulex Billund, we see the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. 

The SDGs focus on corporate sustainability will significantly influence global supply chain management and corporate strategy. As part of our environmental strategy, we focus on the small details in our production chain and product assortment to minimise our impact on the environment and strive to lead our development sustainably. 



Gender Equality.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of violence in our work environment to prevent any form of abuse and sexual harassment addressed in the first point of our Code of Conduct (COC). 

At year-end 2019, Modulex Billund employed 50 people, out of which 42 % were men and 58 % women. Our management team is composed 66 % by women and 33 % men. This way, we ensure sufficient representation – 30 % or greater – of men and women in our company’s decision-making and governance. 

All factory roles are classified into three categories in accordance with the level of skills required. Each type relates to a fixed hourly pay rate, meaning that salaries are not decided personally but according to the job group and abilities required. There is no gender-based pay gap in our company; the pay gap is skill-based and is fixed to the type of job each employee performs. 

To select suppliers, we individually evaluate and approve each company based on an approval scheme which measures their quality and control systems (based on ISO 9001), their level of compliance with Modulex’ CoC, and ensures they only trade with approved suppliers. Each supplier’s approval is re-evaluated every second year.



Affordable and Clean Energy.

Modulex Billund is 100 % CO2 neutral. 

Our building is owned by the KIRKBI Group who manage our energy supply, and have invested in two offshore wind farms that generate enough renewable energy to meet 100 % of our energy consumption. Therefore, our production line and the total energy consumption is offset with Renewable Energy Sources. 

Since 2011, Modulex Billund has reduced its overall energy consumption by 46.6 %. We focus on power-saving behaviour and have replaced all the lighting in our factory with LED efficient illumination. During 2019, we reduced the company’s production and administration areas by over 33 % to cut down operational electricity needs. At production levels, we prioritise efficient technologies and graphic methods such as UV-printing. 

Modulex Billund has signed a contract with Scanenergi A/S under the EU Regional Fund project CLEAN Green Plan (CGP) to analyse our energy consumption and find other ways to save energy and water. The project aims to conduct an in-depth analysis made by an external energy consultant to understand our consumption and find areas of improvement. 



Responsible Consumption and Production.

Managing our resources is something we work hard to improve. We have reduced our water usage by 28 % and our waste by 20 % since 2011. 

Through our ‘Servitize’ project, connecting manufacturers to drive innovation within Danish industry, we are working to move from exclusively selling physical products to offering services related to our products, to help close the materials loop and support a circular economy. We have based these services on our products’ modularity, where one can upcycle and recycle our signs by updating each component. 

In sustainable production, every small detail matters, from sourcing raw materials to procurement practices to packaging and labelling. In 2020 and beyond, we are focusing on incorporating ‘greener’ materials into our assortment: 

  • PVC-free vinyl is now available for environmental graphics. 
  • Etronit and GreenBond – made from FSC® and PEFCTM paper mixed with recycled wood and paper fibres. 
  • We use 10 % recycled aluminium on average for all our aluminium products. 

Our goal is to replace 50 % of our current plastic packaging with FSC® paper packaging by 2025. To do this, we plan to use all our cardboard and paper waste as packaging protection together with new paper-based packaging methods. 



Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

At Modulex, we follow our Code of Conduct (CoC) as the guidelines to manage our business in an inclusive, accountable and transparent way, with a strict anti-corruption stance. We are at the forefront of legislation by working with governmental bodies, regulatory authorities and international organizations to learn from best practice and comply with the law and regulations. 

We believe in transparency and accessibility as the key drivers of the relationship with our customers, partners and suppliers. We have public and accessible information on all our activities and products and work hard to develop our green DNA as the channel to update on our environmental efforts and strategy. 



In 2021, we received our Green Network diploma for the 10th time, awarded to ‘companies demonstrating corporate social responsibility within environment’.

As members of the network since 1998, we are required to set targets for continuous improvement which we have fulfilled successfully through the years, together with the requirements of Green Network. For further information, please visit

Our 2022 Environmental Report gives an account of our evolution and aims for the future. For more information please contact us at the bottom of this page.


Etronit is a material made of FSC® and PEFC® paper from Nordic forests infused in synthetic resin and put together under extreme pressure and heat, that combines environmental consciousness with high-end aesthetics.


Made of FSC® paper and polyester film, this material is standard UV-printable material. GreenBond has been developed as an alternative to aluminium composite (ACM) signs as its name indicates.