Wayfinding & Signage Solutions

Modulex is a global leader in Wayfinding & Architectural signage design, production and implementation.

Based in Denmark, our office focusing on signage solutions for mixed-used development, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Government & Civic and Brand Implementation.

At Modulex, we have been unceasing in the search for new sustainable, eco-friendly signage materials suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. EtronitGreenBond™ and ReBond are eco-friendly products whose materials and life cycle impact are lower than comparable products.

Whether it’s our proprietary pre-engineered modular signage system, a bespoke/custom solution, or a combination of both, we aim to deliver your project on brand, on budget and on time.

Design + Build

Our Design + Build process allows us to manage any project from end to end, saving our clients time and money. We plan, design, build and install, ensuring you have one point of contact.


Modulex has the capability of producing any type of signage design that you can think of, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and multi-factory experience across the world.

eModulex – Cloud Based Project Management

eModulex is a cloud-based software that helps users to create, design, plan, and manage accurate, effective wayfinding and sign programs.

Our Clients

From healthcare and educational facilities to corporate, hospitality, government, and mixed-use environments, we bring the best of product and design to every project.


Maiken Scheel Mols

T: +45 3115 8402

Kløvervej 95 A, DK-7190
Billund, Denmark

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A bald man wearing glasses and a white shirt stands near a WAYFINDING sign made of MODULEX bricks.

Claus Schneider Vitting

Commercial Director

T: +45 2342 9702

A woman wearing glasses and a camouflage jacket effortlessly blends into her surroundings while navigating through an intricate Modulex wayfinding system.

Bitten Wagner Hedevang

Project Manager

T: +45 5070 9702

A man in a business suit is smiling in front of an orange background for MODULEX.

Christian Grouleff

Sales Manager

T: +45 4068 9047

A woman with MODULEX glasses and a leopard print shirt.

Daimi Jensen

Project Manager

T: +45 3161 0626

A woman with white hair and glasses WAYFINDING in front of a blue background.

Susanna Ølgod


T: +45 2022 1180

A young woman with brown hair and brown eyes is posing in front of a blue background, showcasing her WAYFINDING skills.

Cecilie Holm Staats

Project Manager

T: +45 8145 4016

A man smiling in front of an orange WAYFINDING background.

Tonny Sønderbæk

Consultant - Copenhagen/Zealand

T: +45 2399 8801

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