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Global & Local Brand Implementations are more than just changing a logo; it reflects your brand’s DNA. Given our roots, no one knows this better than us.

Modulex has curated a global team of signage solutions industry specialists that have deployed rollouts in 45 countries for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Our 60 years in the signage solutions industry means we know how to navigate multi-faceted projects and manage every part of the process so our clients don’t have to.

Our team, strategically positioned geographically, helps clients wherever their location. Collaboratively, the team assists each other during the implementation process, so our clients have senior-level oversight at every project step.

world map
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End-to-End Project Management – The foundation of our continued success is having all brand implementation core areas in one company. From strategy, design, and manufacturing to implementation – our global team collaborates to ensure your brand implementation has end-to-end project oversight.


Every project has a starting point, and this is it. To create a rollout strategy, we need to do some groundwork to avoid any future chaos. 

We start by helping you determine what branded assets you have, what you need, and which stakeholders we need to engage within your organization. We will have small, focused meetings with your various stakeholders to lock down your brand identity strategy and launch initiatives during the process. 

Every country and region has its nuances and rules specific to their geographic location, and we will ensure you are equipped with that intel, so you are making informed decisions. Our region or country risk assessments will help you down the road when establishing your budget and setting you on a streamlined path to a successful project.


An essential step in the strategy is the analysis of the numbers. This process is crucial in helping clients understand the total cost of ownership of a signage implementation to avoid any surprises down the road. The more we help you understand this process, the better equipped you will be to write compelling business cases. 

We will assess whether the implementation will be a;

  • Replacement.
  • Retrofit.
  • A combination of the two.
  • Challenge the status quo.

The focus of our analysis is to help you determine the long-term cost efficiency of the sign. Together, we will assess the validity of existing locations and discuss whether that still works in the context of your new rebrand. 

We will assist your finance team in categorizing an operational expense (OPEX) vs a capital expense (CAPEX). We will give you the best recommendations for the present and future impact of the rebrand. 


The Site Survey & Wayfinding process combines technology and personal onsite observation. This process ensures the best possible for our clients. 

Both steps help validate each other – giving our clients the best possible recommendations in their site survey & wayfinding plan. 

The site survey is where we physically or remotely, depending on the project, examine the site(s) to understand better things that might not be necessarily found on a plan, such as;


  • Environmental landmarks.
  • Architectural cues.
  • User navigation.
  • Identifying other branded touchpoints.
It also allows us to get a sense and better understand the nuances of the brand. Our technology approach is a combination of eModulex™ and 3D scanning. eModulex is a cloud-based software that helps at all stages in the process. It allows users to create, design, plan, and manage accurate and effective wayfinding and sign programs, improving processes and reducing costs.

The 3D laser scanning process helps ensure less ambiguity and a more comprehensive level of detail. This step helps avoid survey errors and assumptions concluded when interpreting survey data.


Our Global Account Team will provide leadership to Clients that require projects in multiple locations and more than one country. This team of business, brand and signage experts can help guide you every step of the way with your project.

Saju Varghese

Middle East, India & Sri Lanka


John Elvington

President Carolinas, New England & Central Florida