World Water Day and the Importance of Water Conservation

Water is one of the scarcest and most valuable resources, and at Modulex, we recognize the critical importance of water conservation. As we celebrate events like World Water Day and raise awareness about the global water crisis, it becomes evident that without water, life as we know it would cease to exist. Yet, two billion people still live without safely managed drinking water services, including more than 1 billion people lacking even a basic level of service, a figure that, despite having improved during the last years, is still alarmingly high.

At Modulex, we have achieved a steady decrease in water use during the last decades due to implementing water-efficient technologies in our Billund factory and encouraging water-saving behaviour. Nonetheless, consumption in 2021 increased by 0,7% since 2019 (baseline) but was lower than any year before 2019.

Compared with turnover, every litre of water generated 29 DKK in revenue in 2021 and 31 DKK in 2019. This shows that water efficiency decreased in relation to sales in 2019.

Compared to 2020, consumption in 2021 increased by 26%. This was caused mainly due to low activity induced by Covid-19, as our facilities had to close an average of two days per week, which helped us decrease our water use but is not representative of normal business levels.

Despite the relatively small increase between our baseline year (2019) and 2021, making our water consumption more efficient is one of our top priorities for this year. We aim to focus heavily on reducing water use in our manufacturing processes and the entire organization to preserve this valuable resource. Similarly, we encourage all employees and customers to manage water use responsibly and contribute to the same common goal. We will pursue this goal by implementing LEAN efficiency initiatives and setting collective goals encouraging employees to consume water more responsibly.

Preserving water should be essential all year round. But today is an excellent opportunity to spread this message.

How do you conserve water?


Erik Sørensen Ruiz

Environmental and Partnership Manager

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