Types of Signage for Commercial Buildings

In commercial architecture, signage is more than mere directions; it reflects a brand’s identity and a beacon guiding visitors through complex spaces. Max Aronow, the Managing Partner of the Mid-Atlantic office with Modulex, shares his insights into the critical role signage plays in shaping the commercial landscape.

Understanding the Signage Spectrum: The power of interior and exterior signage.

“In commercial buildings, signage encompasses a diverse array of types, ranging from interior code-compliant room identifications to exterior monument signs,” Max explains. “These signs not only aid navigation but also serve as brand ambassadors, communicating a business’s identity to the world.”

Max underscores the pivotal role of exterior signs in creating a lasting impression. “External signage acts as a public-facing ambassador, offering a prime opportunity for businesses to make a positive first impression,” he states. “It’s imperative that these signs boast high visibility and eye-catching designs to capture attention effectively.”

Interior signage serves a dual purpose: complementing the aesthetic ambience while facilitating seamless navigation,” Max elaborates. Whether subtle or striking, these signs are crucial in enhancing the visitor experience and guiding individuals to their destinations.


In a commercial setting, efficient wayfinding is paramount. Wayfinding signage streamlines pedestrian traffic, ensuring individuals reach their destinations with ease and minimal confusion.

“Each commercial space is unique, requiring bespoke signage solutions tailored to match its branding and aesthetic,” Max remarks. “From initial concept to final design, our goal is to integrate signage into the overall ambience of the space.”

Embracing Technological Advancements and the Future of Signage Design

Max reflects on the evolution of signage technology. “With the advent of automation and digital printing, signage design has undergone a transformative journey,” he observes. “While technology enhances efficiency, the creative vision of talented individuals remains most important”.

Max offers insights into emerging trends in signage design. “We’re witnessing a shift towards more decorative and vibrant signage, reflecting a broader trend towards elevated design standards in commercial real estate,” he concludes.

Max’s comprehensive perspective sheds light on signage’s multifaceted role in shaping the commercial landscape, guiding visitors, and amplifying brand identities in an ever-evolving built environment.

Author’s Bio.
Max Aronow, Managing Partner with the Mid-Atlantic office at Modulex, began his career in the signage industry in 1985 after dedicated service with The United States Marines. Armed with skills honed in the Marines, Max delved into hand-painted signs and vehicle graphics. 1992, Max became a business owner, transforming a two-person company into a full-service architectural sign solutions provider. With over three decades in the sign industry, Max’s entrepreneurial spirit, emphasizing quality and customer service, guides his company’s growth. Today, the Modulex office in the Mid-Atlantic, under Max’s leadership, operates in two facilities with a dedicated team of 45, focusing on architectural signage and continued evolution for future success.

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