Founded by the Lego Group in 1963, you could say we’ve been around the block. Created to assist architects and industrial planners, Modulex has had a storied past, weathered many storms, and an exciting evolution throughout the years.

Our origins were exceptional manufacturing and our desire to evolve and provide services that no other signage solutions company could offer.

Thanks to the manufacturing excellence of our Billund Denmark factory, our proprietary modular system signage was in excellent hands. This allowed us to look at ways we could grow as a company. We brought additional factories into the group worldwide to offer bespoke/custom offerings. The fabrication processes were in place, and we were known for our ability to manufacture exceptional products. It allowed us to focus on the new design/project consultation demand.

We launched our Design + Build service – an integrated model that combines design with fabrication and installation. As the popularity of this service grew, we experienced exponential growth in our sales and project management offices. As our office numbers increased and our distributor network flourished globally, it was time to capitalize on our expertise and global reach.

We assembled a team with over 200 years of collective industry experience to focus on multi-country – multi-site projects. Our Global Brand Implementation division was born. We have been supporting companies with global brand rollouts since 2012.

Our origins were exceptional manufacturing. We evolved to add services to our manufacturing expertise and provide something no other architectural signage solutions company could offer. The structure to support our services allowed us to focus on technology and introduce our cloud-based project management software, eModulex, which launched in 2021.

Our history, experience and people are why our end-to-end project management experience is unparalleled. Despite changes and reinventing ourselves, one thing has remained the same: our products and services have always been focused on supporting the built environment.

We are excited to see what the next 60 years hold.

Christine Jamieson

Chief Marketing & Operations Officer

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