Taking the Lead in Custom Signage Solutions

The image shows the entrance of a building with the text "Ipse de Bruggen" displayed above a glass canopy.

In the ever-changing signage world, the Modulex office in the Netherlands stands out as a leader in providing bespoke solutions across various sectors. Leendert Benschop, Managing Partner, shares insights into the company’s strategic vision, industry focus, and commitment to sustainability.

Modulex has established an increased presence across multiple sectors. “We have a long-term contract with the Dutch government, so we handle many of their projects,” explains Benschop. “This includes all the ministries, courthouses, police stations, and local government buildings such as city halls. Additionally, we have a strong presence in the healthcare sector, working with hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and clinics.” The company also serves many business clients, including banks, insurance companies, and multi-tenant buildings, often collaborating with construction companies and real estate agents responsible for these properties.

Reflecting on the company’s history, Benschop recalls, “We operated as Sign Plan for many years, starting in 2007, before Modulex began acquiring shares in the company. Eventually, Modulex acquired 100% of the shares, leading to our rebranding as the Netherlands office with Modulex.” This transition marked a significant milestone, allowing the company to expand its capabilities and reinforce its market presence.

Geographically, our office operates across all 12 provinces, with a strong presence in the “ring of cities”—Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. “These cities form a circle where most of our activity happens. We have many clients, particularly in The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam,” Benschop notes. This strategic positioning enables the company to effectively serve a diverse and extensive client base.


Red directional sign with a parking symbol, pointing left, listing Aula, Bestuursgebouw, Grotiusgebouw, and Spinozagebouw, located next to a road with trees in the background.

One of the most imperative strengths of the Netherlands office lies in its ability to tailor signage solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients. “Most of our projects are Design + Build because we rarely use standardized products,” Benschop says. “Although we are a Modulex company, we often provide tailor-made solutions to meet specific client demands. This includes custom sizes and materials, which can sometimes be sourced more cost-effectively locally than from Modulex’s factory in Billund, Denmark.” The company frequently works with vinyl, such as glass vinyl and wall vinyl, that can be applied directly to existing surfaces, showcasing its flexibility and innovation in signage solutions.

In addition to their design and manufacturing capabilities, the Netherlands office with Modulex also offers installation services. “We work with a company in the Netherlands called Techmo Tech. It’s a group of self-employed installers who are very professional and dedicated,” explains Benschop. “We score very high on client satisfaction due to our high level of service and fast response times. Often, we can provide services within 24 to 48 hours, which is exceptional in this industry.”

Benschop believes that its impressive track record and deep industry knowledge differentiate the company from others. “Our track record is impressive. We have completed projects throughout the Netherlands, not just in major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam but throughout the country. Our clients include some of the biggest names across various sectors.” He also highlights the expertise of their Wayfinding Specialist, Jochem van Geest, whose skills in creating detailed wayfinding plans are highly respected within the industry.

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Sustainability is another cornerstone of their operations. “We strive to be green in our logistics, combining installations to reduce travel and emissions,” Benschop states. The company often reuses old signage, refurbishing monoliths when possible, reducing client waste and costs. “While we use some green products like ReBond and Etronit, our approach focuses more on sustainable practices and thinking.” Additionally, the Modulex office in the Netherlands provides a complete carbon footprint report to the government annually, detailing their miles driven and carbon.

About Leendert Benschop

Leendert Benschop is the Managing Partner of the Netherlands office at Modulex. He embarked on his journey with Modulex in 2013 as a signage consultant and swiftly rose through the ranks, showcasing his exceptional leadership skills and dedication. Leendert approaches the challenges of his role with impressive wisdom, a heartfelt commitment, and a strong sense of humour, making him an invaluable asset to the Modulex team. His dynamic leadership and innovative mindset continue to drive the success and growth of Modulex in the Netherlands.