Exploring Modulex’s Distributor Partner Program

Today, we delve into Modulex’s Distributor Partner Program details, guided by insights from Pernille W. Jensen, Sales Manager of the Partner Division at Modulex.

“The primary objective of Modulex’s Distributor Partner Program is to establish partnerships with distributors keen on promoting and selling Modulex’s products within their regional markets,” says Pernille. “These products are exclusively manufactured at the Modulex factory in Billund.

Pernille discusses the straightforward yet essential partnership criteria: “Commitment to selling Modulex products is paramount. Potential partners must actively promote the brand, displaying Modulex’s name prominently on their platforms. While expertise in signage design or the graphical sector is advantageous, it is not mandatory. Modulex prioritizes dedication to product sales above all else.”

Reflecting on the program’s structure, Pernille explains, “Upon partnership, distributors undergo comprehensive training. They familiarize themselves with Modulex’s corporate structure, product range, tools, and pricing policies. Training sessions cover product knowledge, application usage, and customer service protocols. Modulex also offers on-site assistance and encourages visits to Denmark for a deeper understanding of operations.”

From efficient illumination to renewable energy sources, the future of Modulex lies in innovation and capacity.

Preferred Pricing for Distributor Partners.

“Pricing discounts are available to partners,” Pernille notes, “although the extent of discounts is determined by performance. Initial discounts are set at a base level, with potential for increased benefits based on sales achievements within the first year or specified timeframe.”

For those interested in learning more about the Distributor Partner Program, Pernille suggests exploring Modulex’s website and social media channels. “The website’s partner section provides detailed insights into program requirements and benefits, offering a pathway for potential partners to initiate their journey with Modulex.”

In summary, Modulex’s Distributor Partner Program offers a strategic avenue for distributors to align with a renowned brand and access various benefits, including training, discounted pricing, and ongoing support. Through collaboration and commitment, partners can unlock new opportunities for growth and expansion in their respective markets.

Learn more about our Partner Program here. 

Author Bio.

Pernille Walentin Jensen embarked on her impactful journey with Modulex in January 2004, stepping into the role of Sales Coordinator in the France office. Over the years, she has seamlessly evolved within the company, utilizing her extensive experience and knowledge to contribute significantly to Modulex’s success. Currently serving as a dedicated Sales Manager and Customer Service representative for Modulex’s Billund factory, Pernille brings a wealth of expertise to her multifaceted role. Her longstanding commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes her an invaluable asset to the Modulex team, as she continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success story.