eModulex: The Cloud-Based Wayfinding and Signage Platform that Makes Your Life Easier

Two smartphones displaying different eModulex blueprints of a building floor plan on their screens, isolated on a white background.

At Modulex, we understand the importance of creating an accurate and effective architectural signage and wayfinding plan and why we launched eModulex, our cloud-based project management platform.

eModulex helps at all stages of the process and targets Project Managers/Designers, Facility Managers, and Fabricators. It allows users to create, design, plan, and manage precise and successful wayfinding and signage programs, simultaneously improving processes and reducing costs.

eModulex has become a game changer for Project Designers and Managers by helping to eliminate manual client approvals, spreadsheets, and other cumbersome tools currently used to complete their projects. eModulex brings efficiency, keeping all aspects of your project in one place. It provides real-time updates to creatives and approvals from your clients. It saves you time, so your project can flow seamlessly.


How to start a new project in eModulex- Tutorial video sneak peek. 

eModulex ensures your files are complete with accurate specifications, locations, and any unique details requested by the client. 

eModulex offers a new level of project management. It is the solution to many Facility Managers’ challenges when hundreds and thousands of signs in your facility require oversight. Updated and accurate signage is critical to the visitors to your facility, and eModulex can help you efficiently and easily manage that.

The eModulex cloud-based software is also available as an app for your iPhone. Data is captured as you go and sync’s in real-time with your eModulex desktop. It has all the necessary tools for surveys, installations and fabrication tracking. When you step onto a project site, all you need in your hands is your phone.

eModulex is everything you need to manage and collaborate on a wayfinding and signage project.

To learn more about how eModulex can make your life easier or try a free demo, contact us today at www.emodulex.com

Christine Jamieson

Chief Marketing & Operations Officer

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