Let’s Join the Global Movement: Invest in our Planet this Earth Day 2023

people standing around a globe with the words earth day on it.

Every 22nd of April, stakeholders of all backgrounds gather around the globe to commemorate Earth Day and support climate action.  

Earth Day highlights the urgent transformation that our society, governments, and private sector need to undergo in order to meet the Paris Agreement targets and avoid major climate impacts. This transformation will require bold and challenging solutions and will demand participation from all levels of society.  

Earth Day also serves as an opportunity to bring forward potential actions, solutions and innovations that will support this transition. While the most radical change must come from governments and the private sector, Earth Day is also an opportunity for individuals to yield their power for change as consumers, community members and voters. 

The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Invest in our planet”. Earth Day Organization brings forward actions for individuals to contribute to climate action through their power as citizens. For example: 

  • Supporting climate literacy and education in schools and raising awareness among one’s social circles of the importance of climate action. 
  • Ending plastics (especially single-use plastics), as plastic pollution, is one of the worst environmental problems we face. 
  • Planting trees and contributing to reforestation and re-wilding projects. 
  • Supporting sustainable fashion. Fighting fast fashion. 


At Modulex, we are aware that we have a long, tough way to achieve Net Zero emissions. Therefore, we heavily focus on minimizing our impact as much as possible on our daily operations and are currently implementing an environmental management system to ensure continuous improvement in the future.  Join the global movement: Invest in our planet this Earth Day 2023. 

To find out more, visit: https://modulex.com/sustainability/ 



Erik Sørensen Ruiz

Environmental and Partnership Manager

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