9 Trends in Wall Graphics for 2024

In 2024, we will witness a change of innovation and aesthetics, setting the stage for transformative design experiences. Paula Gomez, Managing Partner at Modulex’s Miami office, shares nine emerging trends and their impact on the design landscape.

1. AI-Driven Creativity:
As we enter the new year, the collaboration between human creativity and AI innovation takes centre stage. AI becomes an indispensable part of the creative process, assisting designers in generating ideas for design elements, colour schemes, and layouts. The fusion of human artistry and technological prowess promises an exciting journey, elevating creativity to unprecedented levels.

2. Sustainable Design Solutions:
In 2024, sustainability in design takes on a sophisticated touch. Wall graphics embrace eco-friendly practices, weaving visual narratives that captivate while delivering meaningful environmental messages. Nature-inspired colour palettes and using natural materials contribute to a design ethos that balances aesthetics with a commitment to responsible choices.

3. Natural Materials and Texture Focus:
Paula explains that moving away from high-gloss finishes, 2024 sees a surge in demand for three-dimensional and geometric textures. Designers explore manipulating materials to introduce depth and dimension, creating visually dynamic surfaces. The spotlight shifts from plain white walls to textured expressions that respond to variations in lighting, adding a tactile and immersive element.

An orange background with text that says this Modulex approach focused on making interactions more accessible and meaningfully reflects the future direction of graphic design.

4. Expressive “Maximalist” Typography:
Typography emerges as a focal point in 2024, with bold fonts and expressive layouts dominating the design scene. Maximalist typography embraces excess, allowing designers to make bold statements through intricate details, unconventional layouts, and confident font choices. It’s a celebration of typography that demands attention and leaves a lasting impact.

5. Matching Wider Design Aesthetics and Preferences:
The current wall graphics trends align seamlessly with broader design aesthetics. Bold minimalism, custom patterns, and the resurgence of gradients resonate with the timeless principles of design. Clean lines, ample white space, and patterns that tell a brand’s story contribute to a design landscape that prioritises purposeful and visually striking elements.

6. Innovative Projects Using Wall Graphics:
Digital Experience Design is an innovative example, prioritising human interactions and leveraging technologies like AI to create fluid, immersive experiences. This approach, focused on making interactions more enjoyable and meaningful, reflects the future direction of graphic design.

7. Dominating Colour Palettes:
Brown emerges as a statement colour, joined by shades of yellow, light brown, and Pantone’s Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz. Nature-inspired aesthetics dominate, with calming greens, earthy browns, and sun-kissed yellows taking centre stage.

8. Prevalence Across Industries:
Wall graphics find prominence across diverse sectors, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, corporate offices, and education. The versatility of wall graphics offers a valuable tool for brand expression, customer experience enhancement, and information communication.

9. Anticipated Developments:
Future directions in wall graphics include the rise of motion graphics, increased focus on 3D design, and the exploration of experimental typefaces and font creation. Motion graphics, especially, bring storytelling on a massive scale, creating new layers of depth for consumers.

Paula’s advice to businesses incorporating the latest trends into their wall graphics is to align wall graphics with brand identity, define their purpose, and tailor them to the target audience. Explore interactive elements, prioritise high-quality materials, and tell a cohesive brand story through design. Testing small-scale installations and gathering feedback before large-scale implementation ensures a thoughtful and impactful design strategy.

As we embark on this creative journey in 2024, Paula Gomez’s insights guide us through a transformative landscape where aesthetics meet innovation, and sustainability intertwines with storytelling, shaping the future of wall graphics design.


Meet The Author.
Paula Gomez, a seasoned professional with over 28 years of experience in the signage industry, serves as the Managing Partner at Modulex’s Miami office. In her five years with Modulex, Paula has significantly contributed to the company’s success, specialising in signage design for high-profile projects in the hospitality and mixed-use residential sectors. Paula’s dedication, creativity, and extensive industry expertise make her an invaluable asset to Modulex, solidifying the company’s reputation for excellence in signage design.

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