We have the right product for any requirement from one custom-made to a thousand rigidly controlled signs products. Our heritage of iconic product design and innovative, scalable production methodology demonstrates our commitment to the right material solutions.

We Make Sure All of our
Materials are Properly Tested

Surface Treatment

Modulex’ surface treatment for painted products consists of two elements: A pretreatment for optimum paint adhesion followed by the paint. By utilizing an environmentally friendly technique, a painted surface in uniformly high quality is achieved. This process improves the lifetime and giving maximum protection against colour fading and different weather conditions.

Bending Test

The 1 mm [0.039] thick aluminium plate is bent over a cone – one end has a small radius, and the other has a large radius. The smaller the radius, the more potent effect on the paint and consequently it will crack, meaning that the metal will become visible. For a positive result, the paint should not crack where the radius exceeds 2.25 mm [0.088]. (The test is per the following standards: DS/ISO 2408, 1976).

Ball Test

This test is similar to that of the bending test but with a different deformation of the metal. The metal is punched to stretch the paint. A ball-shaped weight falls on the panel from a height of 70 cm [27.559]. The metal is stretched where the balls hit, and the paint becomes mat. For a positive result, the paint should not crack, meaning that the metal must not become visible. (The test is per the following standard: ISO/TR 6272, 1979).

Scratch Test

With a special grid cutter (a small » rake«) two cuts are made at right angles to each other. The paint is divided into small, separate fields. The more inadequate adhesion, the more frayed edges the fields become. The edges are inspected with a magnifying glass, and the result is compared with a set of reference sketches. If the sample does not correspond to the two optimum sketches, the test has failed (The test is per the following standard: DN/ISO 6860).


01. Texting

Our 40-year experience and state-of-the-art technologies enable us to provide a wide range of set colours and digital impressions.


02. Tactile Print

At Modulex Billund, we invested in the newest technology for tactile printing dedicated to braille and tactile UV-printing machines. These print small drop sizes resulting in high contrast with no visible stray points and the possibility of printing tiny, raised details with free colour choice. A special primer ink offers excellent adhesion to most types of materials. The ink provides shock-resistant and hard tactile and braille graphics, which is essential when shipped worldwide.


03. UV-Print

Today our most used texting technology is UV-print which uses ultra-violet lights to dry out or cure ink as it is printed in all our signs. All our UV-print CMYK colours are Greenguard Gold certified inks, which means that they have strictly low VOC emissions. This process ensures that the inks used in our environmental graphic solutions and our printed signs are safe and acceptable for school and healthcare facilities where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended time.


04. Eco Print

Eco-print eliminates oil-based or latex chemicals. It requires less thinner, and a smaller quantity to mix and use, and the leftover dries into an acrylic puck that is hard instead of having liquid, hazardous waste. All our eco-solvent printers are running on Greenguard Gold Certified Inks, which means they have strictly low VOC emissions. This process ensures that the inks used in our environmental graphic solutions and our printed signs are safe and acceptable for use in schools and healthcare facilities where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended time.


05. Vinyl Cutting

The more than 40-year-old tradition and craftmanship of cutting and weeding pre-coloured vinyl graphics to be applied on signs, windows and walls is still running strongly. The technology has refined over the years. Nowadays, it’s natural that the knife of the machine standing in Billund is following precisely the graphic lines created by a designer somewhere in the world – this was not how it started more than 40 years ago.

Product Range


For decades Modulex Billund has been producing a wide range of high-quality exterior sign systems, built and tested to withstand the rigours of nature with high durability, timeless designs and superior paint quality.


The sign systems can be created modular and provide you with a dynamic and versatile design opportunity. Most of our product lines can also include tactile text/symbols and braille meeting industry standards.

Logos & Letters

Utilizing our architectural signage production facilities, we offer cut letters and logos in the same materials and in the same high quality and excellent standard that has become one of our trademarks over time.


We specialize in stylish window decorations, UV-protective foil, colourful wall graphics, anti-slip floor graphics, state-of-the-art vehicle graphics and much more.


1. Full range of services

Support from Modulex Billund goes from the recommendation of best-adapted products, product technology, wayfinding know-how, marketing and communications material, creative solutions through visual inspiration and design.


2. Installation

The installation instructions are shipped along with the products at the factory in Billund. Our overall intention is to make it easy for our customers to install our products through our instructions.


03. Maintenance

All the signs from Modulex Billund are produced in strict conformity with our ISO 9001 quality certification. This certification means we can guarantee a consistent and high-quality finish today, and when customers need to extend or modify their installation. Proper care and maintenance involve observing a few simple rules and maintaining the signs attractive appearance and ensuring a longer life. Clean signage is both easier to read and conveys a positive impression to visitors and personnel.


04. Wind Load

The national calculations of wind climates are an essential element when determining wind load categories. We work with nine different categories taking into account the average wind, the terrain and the surroundings. All freestanding exterior signs are categorized according to these nine categories.