This code of conduct provides guidance and advice for employees and suppliers/vendors to Modulex Billund. Respect each other, be open and honest and resolve conflicts quickly and in a constructive manner.
The Code of Conduct is a set of ethical guidelines that provide a framework for shared company culture and mutual expectations.

These guidelines are based on various international agreements and Modulex’s strategy and policies.

Modulex’s Code of Conduct applies to everyone within the Group. We expect that our partners and our suppliers support and respect the rules, conditions and international conventions that form the basis of this Code of Conduct. At Modulex, we follow the simple principle of asking all people and parties to treat each other as they would wish to.


Modulex’s management should act as role models for all employees by following and respecting the contents’ Code of Conduct. The leadership is responsible for ensuring that all employees and partners are informed about, understand, and act based on Modulex’s Code of Conduct content. The Code of Conduct will never replace your responsibility or common sense.


Modulex supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

Modulex supports diversity and equality, i.e. equal treatment and equal opportunities for everyone regardless of ethnic or national origin, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion, nationality or social descent.


Forced labour
We do not accept any physical or psychological punishment, threats of violence, discrimination in hiring or employment practices, workplace victimisation, sexual harassment or any harassment, forced labour or other kinds of involuntary work.

Child labour
We will not accept child labour. The minimum age of employees must be following local employment legislation. In the absence of legislation, they should be at least 15 years old or have completed compulsory school attendance if exceeding the age of 15. Modulex reserves the right to involve local or international organisations to secure any child’s future should they have any concerns regarding the wellbeing of the child.

2015 UK Modern Slavery Act
We are aware of the 2015 UK Modern Slavery Act and does not accept any modern slavery defined as slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

Working conditions
Obligations towards employees originating from national laws and agreements on social security must be respected and followed. Wages and other benefits must meet the demands required under federal regulations, contracts and accepted standards within the business. Employees must not be forced to work more than allowed by national laws and company standards.


Modulex has been working with environmental issued for many years. Modulex complies with local laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate. Modulex Billund is a member of the environmentally-focused Green Network.

In all its activities and processes, Modulex aims to create optimal conditions to minimize the environmental impact and contribute to energy and resource effectiveness in all products’ life cycle.

Modulex strives to create a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. Modulex Billund aims to protect the climate and meet or surpass national or international laws or agreements on emission reduction to air, soil, and water.

Modulex Billund strives to reduce the use of harmful substances, make sure that waste is handled safely and environmentally friendly, and contribute to more reuse and recycling.


The ban against bribes complies in all the countries in which we operate. Bribes are not limited to monetary payments but also include any other means of providing or receiving benefits. If our employees have doubts about receiving a gift, they are encouraged to seek advice from their direct Manager or Human Resources Manager.

Modulex does not allow any price collaboration, cartel formation or misuse of market dominance. In all aspects of our work, Modulex supports fair competition regarding procurement, tenders and purchasing.