A number of core ranges are available within our Tactile Family. Products can be supplied with raised text and braille can be applied as required. Products are available in a variety of colours and sizes dependent upon your scheme but all provide the highest levels of readability for visually impaired users.

In order to support the needs of visually impaired visitors it is also advised that signs be produced with good contrast between letters and background, which should also contrast well with the background upon which it is mounted.

Raised text and braille can be applied to these standard Interior and Exterior sign products allowing users to create a coherent design which integrates braille and non braille signs without compromising the overall aesthetic of the signage scheme.

Tactile characters from Modulex are typically raised by 0.8 mm, sufficient to support the requirements of visually impaired users and well within the standard requirement for tactile text of 0.6 mm to 0.9 mm.