Good signage is easy to recognise. It’s simple to understand, sends a clear message, informs and communicates, makes it easier for you to find what or who you are looking for; is inclusive and meets the needs of all users.

Wayfinding is the skill of guiding people to their destination. Good architecture, interior design, landmarks, technology and communication all contribute towards effective wayfinding. Well placed signage and graphics simply complete and enhance the journey or experience. At Modulex we believe the best wayfinding uses the least amount of information to guide people from a to b; keep it simple and it will be more effective.

We are international with a presence in 45 countries and provide solutions across all sectors – Healthcare, Education, Workplace, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Government and Public Space. 

Manufacturing to ISO9001 standard and committed to meeting the highest level of environmental standards in the world our manufacturing base in Denmark is unique within the industry. We use a variety of materials and designs to deliver tailored solutions for each and every project.

Complete Solutions

At Modulex we combine good signage and graphics with intelligent wayfinding to produce positive space. 

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  • Exterior Signage
  • Interior Signage
  • Digital Signage
  • Graphics – Wall, Window, Vehicle
  • Prototyping and Innovation
  • Wayfinding Consultancy
  • Project Management

Brand Identity 	Rollout & 	Management

Brand Identity Rollout & Management

Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions