Our offer covers 3 area of service:

Signage and Wayfinding Solutions 
Brand Identity Rollout and Management 
​Retail Solutions

Signage & Wayfinding Solutions

Signage & Wayfinding Solutions

Brand Identity 	Rollout & 	Management

Brand Identity Rollout & Management

Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

Our goal is to help our clients create accessible, productive and engaging environments whilst effectively communicating their brand.

We refer to this as creating ‘positive space’.

Here are some thoughts on what we believe makes this possible.

1. We know that every environment and customer is different.

There is no one size “fits all” solution or system. We engage with and above all listen to our clients. We know from working across many sectors that ‘real world’ conditions need to be accommodated. We provide customized solutions to meet design, functional and budget requirements.

It is critical to understand the nature of the environment and how it is used, which necessitates strong insight into stakeholder behaviour. 

2. We always aim to make a positive impression.

Our heritage is in signage. We understand better that anyone the functional necessities of wayfinding and how to communicate a consistent and powerful message, identity or brand. We also know that any form of communication, signage included, is an opportunity to make a good impression. Our goal is to leave people feeling that they are in a positive space. 

3. We’ll share your ambition.

We don’t do box ticking exercises. We like projects that stimulate and challenge us. We’ll want to know everything about your vision and we’ll work hard on your behalf to make it happen.

4. We take responsibility.

We will make it happen. And we’ll have a plan for doing it. You’ll get a dedicated project manager (and team depending upon the size of the job). With this you’ll get budget certainty and visibility regarding the project progress.

In a broader sense, we take responsibility seriously. Our manufacturing is subject to the world’s strictest environmental and quality requirements.

5. We stay up to date.

Staying abreast of developments in legislation governing environments is critical. From disability legislation through to the ever evolving world of Health and Safety, our specialists are on top of regulation and even engage to help shape it. 

6. We value knowledge and experience.

We recognise the value in continuous learning and developing specialist knowledge in healthcare, education, workplace, retail and brand. Our experts guide and inform and provide a link between designer and client to create positive outcomes.