Signage solutions for the retail industry


For decades, Modulex has developed and produced the very best signage solutions for a wide range of clients all over the world. We are a Danish international company that through many years of experience has achieved a presence in 45 countries. We have worked with some of the world's largest companies and we have extensive experience in housing complexes, educational institutions, hospitals, private as well as public companies, retailing and more. A fact we are immensely proud of, but at the same time, we know that we will never stop growing our business. In short: We are always ready for new challenges and we are indeed also ready to help you and your company with your needs.


We want to create the best solutions for our clients. We know that clients have different needs, and we want to meet these needs along with creating new opportunities by creating a better physical environment that inspires a better work environment for you and your colleagues. Our experience is that our signage solutions contribute to much more than just wayfinding in the workplace. We have seen that our signage solutions help contribute to a better communication between employees, as they generally contribute to strengthening the bond between the various departments, teams, and employees. The client and the client's needs are for us the essence and the ultimate focus of the development of our signage solutions. We, therefore, carefully consider how our products can serve as wayfinding for the employees and at the same time be consistent with the internal and external environment and improve communication between departments.


In relation to the retail industry, we naturally provide our services to all types of clients from one of the UK's largest banks to small, independent shops in Denmark. Within the retail industry, we recognize and understand that campaigns emerge suddenly and must be initiated and executed immediately. We, therefore, offer a particularly fast delivery. Moreover, Modulex has a team of employees who have been hired solely for the spontaneous and rapid production and who are specialists in the complete change of brands and rollouts delivered in due course.


It is our experience that digital communication is a tendency that is here to stay. We offer both screens and displays as well as a complete system that works in such a way that you can manage the content when campaigns or the like need to be updated.


We meet your exact needs and are always ready for new challenges. We guarantee communicative, inexpensive, and effective signage solutions for both your staff and your clients, so it's a win-win. Give us a call and together we will find a solution for you.

  • Via Exterior

    The VIA architectural signage system, designed in collaboration with International architecture firm C.F. Møller, is a simple interior and exterior system, whose Scandinavian roots are clear.

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  • Custom-made solutions

    Provide us with your design idea and we´ll manage the manufacturing.

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  • Basic Exterior

    Basic Exterior is a simple but elegant monolith.

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  • Macer Exterior

    Macer is an exterior single post sign system which is suitable for directory and directional signs.

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  • Messenger Exterior

    Messenger is ideal if you want to communicate strength and self-awareness.

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  • Pacific Exterior

    Pacific Exterior was created for companies and other organisations looking for a modern, streamlined style.

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  • Compass

    Compass is a flexible system for outdoor signage offering everything from directional signage to striking monoliths up to six metres high.

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