Signage for hotels and conferences


With 40 years of experience, Modulex has produced and delivered signage and wayfinding solutions for clients around the world for decades. We are a Danish international company that is represented in more than 45 countries. Among our clients, you will find some of the world's largest companies. Are you going to be our next client?

New and better opportunities in the workplace

We have completed even the most challenging tasks, and we can also overcome the challenges that your workplace is facing and help create a better physical environment to improve the work environment and the customer-friendly environment. The client is the entire essence of our work. We are aware that we are working for visionary, ambitious, enthusiastic people who are passionate about what they are doing and their workplace. This is why we acquaint ourselves thoroughly with the client’s needs and contribute to opening up for new and better opportunities in the workplace. 

The hotel and conference industry

We also have many years of experience in delivering signage solutions for the hotel and conference industry. This is why we know that it is imperative for hotel owners and managers to be able to differentiate themselves from the competition. In spite of this competition, all hotels and conference venues have in common that they want to create the best possible atmosphere for their guests. They want to greet their guests warmly and let them explore the many services that the individual place offers.

We have extensive experience with more and more hotels wanting to reduce their dependence on staff. It is almost always the reception staff's job to help guests find their way to rooms, attractions, and the various other services that the hotel may have. The new tendency is that more and more hotels want check-ins to happen with minimum or no staff. As a result of this, signage is becoming an important guideline for the guests. It must reflect both quality and effective communication for hotel guests and staff whilst also designed to fit the hotel's interior design.

The best solution for your guests

At Modulex, we are also familiar with the more official requirements for signage at hotels.

In a hotel, it is important to create a homey and personal atmosphere, and signage can help the guests to a personal experience. We take pride in creating personality and an overview in our signage and wayfinding at hotels. This is why we also work in close collaboration with designers who contribute to the development of wayfinding in relation to graphic solutions. Uniquely, we also provide digital signs for the reception areas, which incidentally can also manage booking systems etc.

We can help create the best solution for both your staff and especially your guests. Please contact us and together we can find a good solution for your workplace.