Signage solutions for healthcare


With decades of experience and a wide clientele under its belt, Modulex has produced signs for clients all over the world for more than 40 years. We are a Danish international company with our head office and production site located in Billund and with a presence in 45 countries. Among our clients, you will find some of the world's largest companies. Through the years, we have provided signage solutions for a broad range of clients including both public and private companies, health sector, educational institutions, retail, and residential developments. We, therefore, have a vast knowledge of the varying needs of the different segments. We want to work with our clients to understand the challenges of visitors and to find effective solutions that can create new possibilities for your organisation.

We have more than 40 years of experience

In the field of healthcare projects, we have more than 40 years of experience. We have created signage solutions for hospitals throughout the world Eu, and our solutions and processes have been thoroughly tested on an extensive range of healthcare projects. We know that it is not only the staff who must benefit from the signs, but that the hard work lies in creating informative and communicative wayfinding for patients, visitors, relatives, and staff. It is indeed a broad group of people that we must accommodate. People of all ages will use the signs and at the same time, it must be factored in that the users will often be in a difficult and stressful situation. Signage and wayfinding in a hospital therefore can create major challenges as they must be inclusive, informative, and simple so that the users can understand all the information they receive in what can be a difficult time. We take great pride in creating an overview and provide tested solutions for these complex challenges.

Modulex the safe choose

We believe that good signage is easy to recognize because it is easy to understand. It must send a clear message, be informative and communicate easily and simply to the recipients making it easy for users to find their way from A to B.

Why should you choose us to create signage solutions for your healthcare project? We have extensive experience in creating professional wayfinding analysis and signage systems which are proven to work for employees, relatives, and patients.

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