Signage solutions for public companies


Modulex is a Danish international company with decades of experience of signage and wayfinding. We understand our clients and that signage plays a crucial element for a successfully designed workplace. The client is the keyword and the entire essence of our work. We want to find the best and most durable solution that can open up new opportunities in your company.. We want to create a healthy work environment in collaboration with you, and that is why we also want to be familiar with the challenges that your workplace may face.

We work across borders

Here at Modulex, we have many years of experience in creating a better physical work environment for our clients. We are an international company, working across borders and cultures, represented in 45 countries and have delivered solutions for a wide variety of segments including hospitals, educational institutions, private as well as public companies, retailing, housing complexes and many more. Our diverse client base has enabled us to gain significant expertise in our field helping us work with clients to find the right signage solution for them.

We provide a cost-effective piece of work

Modulex has collaborated with public companies and institutions all over the world. We understand the difference between delivering solutions for large, national companies and helping regional and local companies update and renew themselves locally. We have extensive experience in both areas and know how to take on the various tasks. At the same time, we also recognize the reality and the huge pressure that public companies must navigate when it comes to demands for ongoing savings and the best value for money. We have developed solutions precisely for this situation and our products can undoubtedly help cost saving without compromising on the legislative requirements that might apply. We provide a cost-effective piece of work that meets all requirements that a public institution must live up to.

A green company

At the same time, we are a green company that wants to be as sustainable as possible, taking our social responsibilities seriously. All of Modulex’s electricity consumption in the production and administration comes from renewable energy sources. We have taken many initiatives in the field of environment and are members of an environmental network that annually assesses and oversees our efforts in this area. For several consecutive years, we have also received GREENET's environmental diploma, which is a diploma we are very proud of. Additionally, we attach a great importance to the close collaboration with our clients, understanding their needs in order to create good solutions. Contact Modulex and we will find the proper signage solution for you.