Modulex has worked with government institutions and agencies around the world. We recognize the difference between designing a new HQ for a central government department and supporting regional or local offices for daily additions and updates.

We understand the pressure on government agencies to deliver continued savings and value for money. Our product and software to measure and improve occupancy levels is just one example of how we can help deliver savings without compromising on standards. In short we provide cost-effective solutions that are made to last, comply with all disability regulation, and meet environmental standards.

  • Via Exterior

    The VIA architectural signage system, designed in collaboration with International architecture firm C.F. Møller, is a simple interior and exterior system, whose Scandinavian roots are clear.

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  • Custom-made solutions

    Provide us with your design idea and we´ll manage the manufacturing.

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  • Basic Exterior

    Basic Exterior is a simple but elegant monolith.

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  • Macer Exterior

    Macer is an exterior single post sign system which is suitable for directory and directional signs.

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  • Messenger Exterior

    Messenger is ideal if you want to communicate strength and self-awareness.

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  • Pacific Exterior

    Pacific Exterior was created for companies and other organisations looking for a modern, streamlined style.

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  • Compass

    Compass is a flexible system for outdoor signage offering everything from directional signage to striking monoliths up to six metres high.

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