Signage solutions for educational institutions


Wayfinding is the ability to guide people to their destination. This is an ability that we at Modulex possess. With decades of experience in wayfinding and signage solutions for private companies, the health sector, educational institutions, retailing, public companies, housing complexes, etc., we have extensive experience in this area. At the same time, we are an international company, who has worked with signage and wayfinding solutions across borders and cultures. We are represented in more than 45 countries and have provided solutions for some of the world's largest companies. The keyword for us, is the people in the workplace as they are the entire essence of our work. We are very conscious of the fact that we work for ambitious, enthusiastic people who are really passionate about their companies and workplaces. It is, therefore, important for us to have knowledge of the segments we work for, and that is why we often ask ourselves: What company is it that we are working for? What challenges is it facing? How can we develop the best solution in collaboration with the company? We believe that these reflections are important when we need to identify each client’s specific needs.

Guiding students to their destination

At Modulex, we are convinced that the very best wayfinding solution uses the least information to guide people to their destination. We believe that simplicity speaks for itself, and we, therefore, attach huge importance to the motto: The simpler the more effective. Good signage is, therefore, easy to identify because it must be both easy to read, send a clear message to the receiver, and be informative and communicative. Good signage, thus, makes it easy for you to find your way around, and at the same time accommodate your needs as a user. We work with all these parameters when we prepare a solution for your workplace.

The best solution to your institution

Modulex has extensive experience with the signage at schools, universities, and other educational institutions. We understand completely that this type of signage solution must be inclusive of all age groups and we have learned that durability and safety are necessities and where the focus should lie. This is why we have developed our print-on-panel technology to specifically meet these needs. The school in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen Business School, and many other educational institutions are part of the wide group of clients that we have within this segment, and we want to find the best solution for your institution and the challenges you are facing. We look at it as a collaboration between you and us. Just contact us and we will find the best wayfinding solution for you!