Signage solutions for private companies


Modulex has for more than 40 years produced and delivered signage solutions to companies all over the world. We work with a wide range of different client types and know how to create solutions that are functional and meet the needs of the company in question. We have clients all over the world and are represented in 45 countries. We have provided signs for some of the world's largest companies. Our client base is wide and represents many different cultures. We have an eye for the needs of your company, and we can see solutions in even the smallest things. In short: We are ready for a challenge, and we are indeed also ready to help you and your company with a signage solution that perfectly fits your workplace and the challenges that it may face. We are also familiar with the national standards and legislation. You can, therefore, easily ask us about technical requirements as well as compliance hereof. 


We provide complete solutions, which could include both what we call a 'global brand rollout ', or just a signage solution for a company. We can do it all, and we want to help give you a good solution, which can most likely solve more challenges in the company than just signage of premises. Our signage solutions often contribute to better communication between departments, teams, and employees in the workplace. We carefully consider how our solutions make it easy for employees and visitors to navigate the building, but also how the solution will best harmonize architecturally with the rest of the architecture and the nearby surroundings.


Furthermore, Modulex is very conscious of its social responsibility as a manufacturer. We put great emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions since we know that an environmentally friendly method of production can have a positive influence on the lives of others. We have received GREENET’s environmental diploma several years in a row. This is, among other things, because our electricity comes from renewable energy sources, but also because Modulex continually works to reduce the consumption of resources and environmentally damaging emissions.


One thing is for sure: we offer unique, environmentally friendly products that contribute to a much better use of the workplace and which at the same time improves the work environment. Additionally, we focus on handling our projects in a way that does not interrupt the day-to-day operation in the workplace. The keyword in our company is mankind. We are aware that we are working with visionary, passionate people and this across countries and cultures. We want to find the best solution for you and your company. Give us a call and we will find the best solution for you and your company!

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