Decades of experience mean that we’ve worked in dozens of different sectors. This provides a knowledge bank to draw upon for each new project. Which means sector-appropriate solutions and trouble-free implementation.

Customized solutions

For several decades, Modulex has been the provider of signage systems to a diverse range of businesses. We take pride in our customized solutions for both private and public practice. Independent of sector, we can provide you with a solution that will enhance the everyday life for both visitors and employees.  

At Modulex, we focus on your needs and can contribute to a working place that will ensure a good experience. We see signage systems as a communication tool that is meaningful for all type of businesses. Our goal is to help create accessible, productive and engaging environments through the provision of clear and timely communication

Decades of experience

We understand that different businesses and sectors require their own unique type of signage system. Therefore, we are focused on providing our customers with solutions that are unique to them.  Through decades of experience, we are ready to serve you with your needs and provide you with a long-term solution. 


Wayfinding and signage projects

We work with clients in  hospitality, healthcare, education, retail and corporate developing, designing and installing their wayfinding and signage projects.  Furthermore, we have also provided signage systems within institutions such as educational institutions and governmental institutions. All these various industries and institutions have all been provided with tailored solutions for their signage challenges. This means that we feel confident that we are able to help you as well. Independent of what is important for you in terms of typography, design and aesthetic, Modulex will be there to offer the best solutions for your business.  

Signage with reliability

All businesses want to generate an atmosphere of reliability, so any potential consumers feel safe to purchase or make investments. Likewise, for government institutions, educational institutions, hospitality and service industries it is important for the visitor to feel at welcome and at ease. Therefore, we take pride in providing signage system that live up to the expectations.

High quality

We are extremely meticulous with the quality of our products and services, so we are proud to say that everything we provide is of high quality but yet priceworthy. Therefore, it is valuable for the private sector as well as for the public sector. 

We are here for you

At Modulex we supply exterior signage systems, interior signage systems and wayfinding signage systems across the world. No matter which business and sector you are active within – Modulex are here to help you enhance your place of work! Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.


  • External signage and graphics
  • Internal signage, graphics and displays
  • Campaign Material and Management
  • Prototyping and Innovation
  • Surveys
  • Project Management