Our solutions are capable of meeting the most demanding circumstances. We offer custom designed and fabricated sign products, flexible and proven modular systems and digital products designed to respond to future change, as well as a broad range of graphic printing technologies offering designers complete creative freedom. 


External signs announce to your customers who and where you are. They communicate your brand and their quality and appearance is a reflection of your business. For decades we have produced a wide range of high quality exterior signs to meet every possible need, including energy saving LED illuminated facades and totems through to complete wayfinding solutions to navigate and guide users through complex campus type environments.  

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Graphic Solutions

Digital print technology has transformed our ability to deliver creative solutions. Applied to signs, walls and glazing in a variety of materials, we can offer the designer complete freedom to create unique solutions. Using simple graphics to guide, or full wall coverings to create landmarks or design themes can all contribute towards more effective wayfinding and a more creative space.

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From reception logos, right through to door and desk signs, Modulex have the right solution. Understanding where information is likely to change and how frequently is the key to designing interior solutions. Managing change cost effectively whilst maintaining design standards is just one way Modulex solutions contribute towards delivering positive space.

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Digital Solutions

Modulex have been providing digital solutions for over 20 years. As well as reception areas, we also provide outdoor solutions and a range of meeting, door and desk products. Our complete service includes software to manage and update content, as well as providing data to measure occupancy levels leading to significant savings in property costs. 

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Health and Safety

We offer a full solution to the challenge of providing up to date and effective health and safety signage. We believe that they are most effective when they are considered as part of the overall design, so that position, materials and design are all co-ordinated with other building signs and information. Simple, clear instructions positioned where you can easily see and read them.

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Signs for the Visually Impaired

We have a simple goal to make all our solutions inclusive. Understand the needs of the user groups, position signs correctly, use an appropriate and readable font, make a clear colour contrast between text and background and make sure the size fits the reading distance. We can add raised letters and braille where appropriate and all of our consultants and project managers are familiar with and can guide you through compliance with national standards.

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