Will your signage withstand the weather?

You want your exterior signage to be a good size so it is clearly visible to your visitors but how can you be confident it will withstand any adverse local weather conditions? Two important elements need to be explored collectively for any exterior sign project.

1. Where will the sign be located and what is the physical environment?

2. How large would you like the sign to be and how will it be installed?

Where is the exterior sign being located?

The physical area is the first element to look at. Is the location exposed, in an urban or densely vegetated area? Even in an urban area is there likely to be a wind tunnel effect?

These terrain conditions can then be combined with global data on the wind velocity for the site and a wind loading can be calculated. Wind loadings are essential for the safe installation of exterior signs and are extremely useful for multi-national brands looking to install signage across multiple global sites. The highest category wind zones can be found in North West Spain, South West USA, the West coast of Australia and regional zones across Italy and New Zealand.

At Modulex all exterior signs have been classified by wind load category enabling our consultants to recommend the most effective sign for the physical space. In identifying the necessary wind loadings products can be selected which will be effective in a number of locations.

How large does the exterior sign need to be?

The size of any exterior signage is usually determined by the information which it needs to include and the distance which it is likely to be read from. Modulex exterior signage products such as Compass, Pacific and Messenger have all been categorised by a consulting engineer specialised in wind loadings and have been used at countless sites across the world. Your Modulex project manager can advise you on the most suitable products based upon the specific location and size of the exterior signs, without over specifying a sign which can cost more than is necessary.

Each standard product also includes clear and tested instructions for our installation teams including the required depth of foundations so you can be reassured of a great looking sign, whatever the weather.

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