The open environment together with the possibility of stepping aside into the smaller units is contributing to a creative and interactive workplace with a high degree of knowledge sharing.” Read more on our office redesign from the architects RAVN Arkitektur.

Flexible for the needs of our rapidly expanding family, Modulex have spent the last few months working with architects RAVN Arkitektur on the redevelopment of our 1,000 sq m offices in Billund, Denmark. There was time to catch up with the team at RAVN Arkitektur to discuss their thinking behind the project.

What inspired you to make the individual pods?
The owner’s wish to have a presentation area, an open-plan office, cell offices and meeting rooms inspired us to create the pods. The pods are accommodating various functions as well as dividing the big room into smaller areas. The idea was to create some small, designed units (rooms in the room) that would scale down the big room and be in contrast to the big white untreated surfaces in the room.  


How does the design efficiently control the building temperature?
The pods are Japanese inspired as to colours and materials: Black steel frames closed by glass and lined with warm wooden panels and flooring. The pods stand like furniture in the big room and are characterized by the encircling stone beds.
Areas of textile on the white walls in the big room are creating a material and warm background and are at the same time improving the acoustics in the room. So does the carpet on the floor in the lounge area, which is also unifying the area.


What were your considerations in terms of traffic flow?
The room is designed as one big open room divided into areas of various sizes by freestanding pods designed as rooms in the room. An open-plan office and a presentation area are the main areas. The entrance is placed between these areas so that people can go to either of the two sides depending on whether you are an employee or a guest. There is a free flow between the pods bounded by the various areas.

How does the space encourage the trend for more “community” based workspaces?
The pods that are programmed as meeting rooms / offices can also be used as contemplation rooms or group work for employees sitting in the open-plan office. It creates flexibility for the employees that the rooms can be used for various purposes and the rooms will therefore also be used more often. The open environment together with the possibility of stepping aside into the smaller units is contributing to a creative and interactive workplace with a high degree of knowledge sharing. The surroundings are also ensuring that the employees are working efficiently and in accordance with working methods and procedures. The workplace is a social meeting place and an important room for the identity of the employees.


How pleased are you with the overall result?
We are very satisfied with the final result as we think we have fulfilled the owner’s wish to create an environment / a workplace with flexible possibilities for layout and knowledge sharing. The freestanding pods are not only dividing the room into different areas, but are also providing flexibility, character and atmosphere. Good physical surroundings at a workplace are enhancing the well-being and the motivation of the employees. With the info screens and the signs on the pods we have integrated Modulex’ own products in the design to create a DNA in the design of the room that is close to the DNA of Modulex. We are very pleased that we succeeded in doing this.

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