People perform better, and learn more easily, in a comfortable, secure and stimulating environment. Spaces that are visually distinctive; points of reference; a building layout that is easy to understand and remember; memorable landmarks and works of art; signs, symbols, and images; all these will contribute to a positive learning experience. There is clearly an opportunity for the sign system to support the efforts of designers to define the mood and atmosphere of teaching spaces and communal areas by careful consideration of colour, imagery, and the tone of voice of written messages.

Environmental graphics

In recent years the introduction of ink-jet printing has provided designers with new opportunities to create atmosphere in interior spaces, by allowing them to introduce large-scale images and texts in full colour. Enthusiastically embraced by the retail sector as a powerful tool in the creation of branded environments, this technology is finding its way into other public spaces, such as government buildings, schools and universities. Digitally reproduced on an adhesive vinyl substrate, these graphics can be applied quickly and economically, transforming spaces virtually overnight. They can even be changed from time to time. In this respect, the opportunities for educational facilities are limited only by the will, the budget, and the imagination of the designers.

This is an excerpt from the Modulex Sign Guide – Education. To request a full version email info@modulex.com.

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