For decades Modulex have delivered a wide selection of highly recognized interior sign systems. Based on modularity the systems provide you with a dynamic and versatile design opportunity. Let us know what you need. We´ll deliver the custom specification you require. You´ll find our interior sign systems in hospitals, universities, corporate facilities, airports and government facilities around the world.

  • Via Interior

    Via Interior is an obvious choice when your signage or wayfinding solution requires modular suspended or wall-mounted signs in large dimensions.

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  • Sirius

    A new architectural sign system, designed by Holscher Design.

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  • Paperflex signs

    Signs that needs to be frequently updated.

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  • Pacific Interior

    With its clean, curved lines, Pacific Interior looks great in most environments requiring inviting signage.

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  • Messenger Interior

    Messenger Interior gives you a complete signage system that fits perfectly with most environments.

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  • Macer Interior

    Macer is based on a simple and light design where the panel has only been secured at the base.

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  • Infinity Basic
    Infinity Blazon
    Infinity Ellipsis

    Who says that signs always have to be rectangular? With Infinity Blazon and Ellipsis, new shapes are available.

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  • Infinity Classic

    With Infinity Classic, you have the opportunity to create your own, personal look.

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  • Breeze Interior

    Breeze Interior is an easy to use series of wall signs in a timeless design.

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  • Basic Interior

    Basic Interior Paperflex is an easy exchangeable solution with the option of a permanent header panel.

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