For decades Modulex have been producing a wide range of high quality exterior sign systems, built and tested to withstand the rigours of nature with high durability, timeless designs and a superior paint quality.

Illuminated monoliths increase visibility whilst deliver a low maintenance option with LED lighting and can be used strategically alongside non-illuminated signage to efficiently manage the project budget.

Our installations team provide a clean and efficient service with most products fixed with a concrete foundation. An integral element to our installation is the identification of wind climate zones based on altitude, incline and exposure of the site. This enables us to identify durable signage which confidently deliver the very best first impression.

Products are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit many facilities however Modulex also work with architects and designers, utilising our design and manufacturing capabilities, to develop bespoke exterior sign products in a variety of materials and features such as parking indicators to identify available parking spaces in real time.

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  • Via Exterior

    The VIA architectural signage system, designed in collaboration with International architecture firm C.F. Møller, is a simple interior and exterior system, whose Scandinavian roots are clear.

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  • Custom-made solutions

    Provide us with your design idea and we´ll manage the manufacturing.

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  • Basic Exterior

    Basic Exterior is a simple but elegant monolith.

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  • Messenger Exterior

    Messenger is ideal if you want to communicate strength and self-awareness.

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  • Macer Exterior

    Macer is an exterior single post sign system which is suitable for directory and directional signs.

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  • Pacific Exterior

    Pacific Exterior was created for companies and other organisations looking for a modern, streamlined style.

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  • Compass

    Compass is a flexible system for outdoor signage offering everything from directional signage to striking monoliths up to six metres high.

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