The Modulex Group is organised into 3 main operating units.

The Modulex Group of

Modulex Solutions – A world leader in Signage and Wayfinding Solutions

Brand On – Specialists in global brand identity rollout and implementation

Modulex Retail – Providing a complete package of signage and communication materials for the retail sector

We are International

We operate in 45 countries delivering brand and operational consistency to many of the world’s largest companies.
Our European head office and manufacturing base is located in Denmark.  

Brand On has it’s HQ in the UK where global projects are co-ordinated from.

Modulex Americas employs a team of designers, project managers and support staff to deliver business across the region

Our local national and regional teams understand national standards and regulations and advise our clients on compliance and technical requirements

Our Heritage

Modulex was originally founded in 1963 by the Lego Group.  We retain and take pride in our Danish origins and long standing commitment to design, quality and the environment.

It has grown since then into a global supplier of wayfinding, brand identity implementation, communication graphics and retail solutions.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to our social responsibility as a manufacturer and wayfinding consultant, understanding that our actions can have a positive impact on the lives of others through effective wayfinding and strong environmentally focused production methods.

At Modulex, we continue to reduce both our consumption of natural resources and emissions that can harm the environment. This is something we constantly document and which also bring to us proud moments, like gaining the Gold Award from Miljønetværk Ribe Amt.

All powering in our production facilities and offices in Billund are from sustainable sources. One of our many environmental initiatives is our membership of a voluntary environmental network (www.greenet.dk) that assesses our environmental performance on a regular basis. Modulex are also the only signage manufacturer to form a climate partnership with Dong Energy (www.dong.dk). Being a climate partner we are required to use energy from sustainable sources and are constantly searching for new ways of improvement and hope that we can inspire others to do the same.


The openness and drive of Modulex employees are right at the heart of our success. We believe in close working relationships between visionary leaders and highly skilled professionals across departments, national borders and cultures.

At Modulex, we serve as inspiring partners for each other, our customers, our business partners and stakeholders.

Our direction is clear, our management team is visible, and we offer broad scope and plenty of freedom. We are open to new ideas, and we reward initiative and decisiveness.